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Buy Effexor

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Quinine 047 Sodium arsenate 50.0 Sodium bicarbonate Sjo6 Sodium carbonate 98.3 Sulphur 0.14 Tannin 48.83 Zinc chloride 49.87 Zinc iodide 39.73 Zinc sulphate 35.18 from Journ. de la Soc. Phys, Chem.. Glycerin vs. Sugar. ^The relative advantages of these in syrups and other preparations are discussed in a paper by Buy Effexor William C. Kirchgessner in the "Proceedings" of this Association, 1907, 159-161. Nitroglycerin Modern Improvements in Manufacture. After a brief historical review of nitroglycerin and particularly its introduction and use as an explosive for blasting purposes, etc., Lieut.-Col. Sir Frederic L. Nathan, R. A., and William Rintoul describe the development in its industrial production, which appears to have eliminated some of the danger in its manufacture and, at the same time, to have increased the output from a given quantity of material. Thus, the plant erected at the Royal Gunpowder Factory in 1903 differs in some essential particulars from the plants previously used. Instead of running by gravity the mix- ture of nitroglycerin and waste acid on the completion of nitration into a separating tank below the nitrating vessel, allowing the separation of the nitroglycerin from the waste acid to take place in this tank, and then ruiming the nitroglycerin again by gravity into Buy Effexor a washing tank, the separa- tion is allowed to take place in the nitrator itself, and as the nitroglycerin separates out it is displaced by waste acid admitted at the bottom of the nitrator, down a gutter attached to the top of the Buy Effexor nitrator into the pre- wash tank, placed so that its top is very slightly lower than the top of the nitrator. This arrangement much simplifies the plant and obviates the dangers incidental to the use of earthenware cocks. Advantage is taken of the fact that the addition of a small percentage of water to the waste acid after the Buy Effexor nitroglycerin has separated out, prevents the formation of further small quantities of nitroglycerin on allowing the waste acid to stand, to do away with the tedious and expensive operation known as "after separating." A further improvement, now very general in all modern plants, is the substitution of rubber pipes for earthenware cocks for running off nitroglycerin. The early yield of nitroglycerin varied around Digitized by Google BARIUM ACID GLYCEROPHOSPHATE. 355 200 percent. ; in more modem methods yit\d^ averaged 210 per cent., an average yield of 214 per cent, has been obtained at the Royal Gunpowder Factory during the past 8 years, and it is confidently believed that a yield of 230 per cent, will eventually be obtainable. Chem. News, Feb. 14, 1908, 74-75- Nitroglycerin Importance of Assay inPreparations, L. Henry Bernegau draws attention to the importance of establishing the strength of finished preparations of nitroglycerin. Spirits of glonoin, sold to contain 10 per cent., have been found to contain only 8.5 per cent, by weight of nitro- glycerin ; and since these again are used for making the various prepara- tions of nitroglycerin, the latter must vary in accordance. Tablets made with nitroglycerin lose 30 to 40 per cent, in strength during manufacture^ bat age does not seem to have much effect on them. For the deter- minations of nitroglycerin in solutions as well as in tablets, Lunge's Nitrometer gives the best results, but its use requires a little experience. Buy Effexor Amer. Journ. Pharm., Dec, 1907, 555. Acid Glycerophosphates Preparation and Advantages. Buy Effexor In conse- <)Dence of the pharmaceutical importance which the glycerophosphates have recently assumed, P. A. W. Self gives a brief outline of the general properties and methods of preparation of the "acid" glycerophosphates, which possess the advantages of greater solubility, and at least the same stability as the "neutral" glycerophosphates. The general methods of preparation are as follows : (i ) The acid glycerophosphates of barium, strontium, and calcium, are prepared by the addition of sulphuric acid to a solution of the correspond- ing glycerophosphate, until this solution reacts acid to methyl-orange. (2) The remaining acid glycerophosphates may be prepared Buy Effexor by double Buy Effexor barium and the soluble sulphate of the metal whose acid glycero- phosphate is required. The general properties of the acid glycerophosphates may be sum- marized as follows : They are very soluble in water much more so than the neutral salts and are precipitated with difficulty from their aqueous solutions by alco- hol, the precipitates thus obtained being transparent and gelatinous. They are not crystalline, and when dried in vacuo form white (or blue in the case of copper) vitreous and hygroscopic masses. The aqueous solu- tions are less easily precipitated by heat than those of the neutral salts, bat when boiled slowly decompose. Pharm. Journ., May 16, 1908, 627- 628. Barium Acid Glycerophosphate Details of Preparation, P. A. W. Self gives the following details of the preparation of barium acid glycero- phosphate, which, serves as a type for the preparation of the corresponding Digitized by Google
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